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The world leader in Pulmonary function and Cardiopulmonary stress testing technology (CPX / CPET)

Demka Sakti and Carefusion proudly introduces to Indonesia the Vmax Encore, the culmination of Pulmonary Function and Cardiopulmonary stress testing technology and expertise from the people who rewrote the standards for instrumentation.

Vmax Encore offers many features to maximize your laboratory capabilities. The high visibility screen layout and user friendly software makes data collection fast, efficient and easy.Whether you are testing a patient through the use of the simplest or most complex maneuvers, the accuracy and precision of the Vmax Encore system will provide you with unparalleled graphical and numerical data acquisition, display, trending and reporting. Automated post-test QA messaging, utilizing a wide variety of user selectable published standards, assists the practitioner in ensuring the quality and integrity of patient test results.



  • Hands-free spirometry
  • Independent selection of best inspiratory and expiratory maneuver
  • Partial flow/volume loops

Lung Volumes by Nitrogen Washout

  • No nitrogen analyzer (no pumps, needle valves, oil changes, or noise)
  • Automated leak detection
  • Washout pattern (slow/fast emptying)

Diffusion Capacity, Single Breath

  • Real-time gas measurement exceeds ATS recommended standards
  • True adjustment of discard and sample volumes
  • Integrated pressure monitoring during breath-hold to avoid Valsalva effects
  • Lung Volumes determination
  • Testing capability down to extremely low lung volumes

Diffusing Capacity, Intra-breath (NON-BREATH HOLDING)

  • Validated, alternative for patients who can’t hold their breath for 10 seconds.
  • Exercise diffusion testing
  • Obtain Cardiac Output measurement*


  • Closing Volumes and Delta N2
  • Lung Clearance Index
  • Anatomical Deadspace


  • Thoracic Gas Volume, panting or quiet breathing
  • Airways Resistance, panting or quiet breathing
  • Display individual and composite tracing
  • Adjustable quiet-breathing compensation

Compression Free F/V Loops

  • Easily differentiate upper airway obstruction from poor patient effort
  • Monitor compression volume shifts
  • Differentiation between heavy smokers and asthmatic patients

Bronchial Challenge

  • Complete user-defined protocols
  • 17 levels per protocol


Inspiratory and Expiratory Pressures

  • View pressures at various lung volumes
  • Trans-diaphragmatic pressures*


  • P.100
  • Work of breathing

* Available in the USA for research use.

Non-Effort Dependent Impulse Oscillatory Spirometry

Vmax Encore now offers the option of a fully integrated Impulse Oscillatory Spirometry (IOS) system. IOS may broaden the patient population that can be tested. Pediatric, geriatric and other patients will benefit from the non-effort dependent quiet breathing maneuvers utilized by IOS.With IOS, Vmax Encore can detect more subtle changes as a result of bronchodilator administration than can be detected with traditional spirometric testing maneuvers. The user can differentiate between restrictive and obstructive pulmonary disease. Additionally, IOS allows the operator to perform tests in a smaller physical space than required for a body plethysmograph.


  • Airway resistance
  • Quiet breathing measurements
  • Lung spirometry measurements
  • Greater sensitivity to changes resulting from bronchodilator administration

Consistent CardioPulmonary Exercise Testing

Through the highly efficient Breath-by-Breath, Mixing Chamber, and Dilution modes, Vmax Encore acquires and displays exercise test data in a format that is easy to see and evaluate. Automated or manual selection of AT, automated slope calculation and the ability to overlay and trend are a few of the many features designed to provide maximum ease of use for the user. Vmax Encore is available in single or dual screen configurations and offers the users a high level of configuration flexibility to fit the needs of their testing population. A wide variety of external devices with analog outputs can easily interface with Vmax Encore – automated blood pressure and SPO2 monitors, treadmills and ergometers.


  • Integrated 3- or 12-lead stress EKG
  • Simultaneous Exercise Diffusing Capacity and flow volume loops
  • Portable metabolic testing
  • Elevated oxygen testing
  • Choice of headgear interfaces
  • Track Spirometry during exercise
  • Average and smooth data
  • E-Z View graphics
  • Graphical and tabular formatting
  • Overlaying and trending tests including graphics
  • Automated anaerobic threshold (AT) detection
  • Over-ride AT selection
  • Automated slope calculations
  • Post test data entry
  • Physio-cal for QA testing of overall system performance
  • 8-channel analog input box

Accurate Nutritional Assessment

Vmax Encore is designed to provide highly accurate Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) and substrate metabolism test data on patients varying from healthy ambulatory athletes to critically ill ventilator patients in an intensive care unit. Vmax Encore provides the user with a highly flexible graphical display that efficiently and clearly indicates data stability and the patient’s nutritional status.


  • Ventilator interface
  • Spontaneous breathing with canopy
  • Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) and substrate metabolism
  • Simple hook-up to patient circuits on ventilators
  • Easily modify steady-state conditions

Vmax Encore Software with Highly Intuitive Interface

The Power and versatility of Vmax Encore software allows the operator to focus more attention on the patient and less on the software.With most applications, push one button and begin data collection.

Customized screen layouts, incorporating post-test comments and automated interpretations are now quick and simple. Or customize interpretive language and parameters with our highly configurable Vmax Logic Tree

Laboratory management is made simple with advanced reporting, querying and completely user-definable reports. Design customized reports, manage data and report patient testing results in a format that is uniquely suited to your laboratory and facility.


User Customization

  • Customized screen layouts
  • Completely user-definable reports
  • Comprehensive on-line tutorial for education and training purposes

Logic Tree

  • Quick and simple interpretation statements
  • Automated interpretations
  • User definable interpretation statements and parameters
Distributed in Indonesia by PT. Demka Sakti.

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