Schuelke – Terralin

Schuelke Terralin

All purposes powerful cleaning and disinfectant, active against a broad spectrum of Bacteria, Fungi and viruses with the added advantage of excellent material compatibility.

Terralin® is a disinfectant concentrate for use on medical devices and medical equipment and on surfaces that can be wet-wiped. The basis of the formulation forms a synergistically active combination of aromatic alcohols, quaternary ammonium compounds and non-ionic surfactants. As Terralin® contains no aldehydes or guanidine derivatives, it can be used for the disinfection and cleaning of medical devices and medical equipment and wet-wipeable surfaces in all areas of the hospital.

As a result of good sensory acceptance by users, staff and patients, Terralin® is also suitable for use in functional areas where, in addition to high hygiene requirements, there is a demand for little smell.

At a glance

  • Aldehyde – free, high performance formulation
  • Surface disinfection and cleaning with broad microbicidal effectiveness (incl. Tb bacilli, HBV, HIV, MRSA)
  • Can be safely used in the presence of patients
  • Especially comprehensively tested good material compatibility, also with problem materials such as acrylic glass (incubators)
  • Good cleaning and soil-loosening properties
  • Economical in use as a result of low use-concentration (from 0.25%)
As Terralin® contains no toxic or readily volatile ingredients, it can also be used in critical areas, e.g
  • Intensive care units
  • Premature baby units (incubators)


100g Terralin® contain 20g benzalkonium chloride, 35g phenoxypropanols.

Other ingredients (in acc. with EU recommendation): 5 – 15% non-ionic surfactants


Distributed in Indonesia by PT. Demka Sakti.

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