Ginevri – Polytrend Neonatal Incubator

Ginevri Polytrend Neonatal Incubator

The best technology for Sub-Intensive and Intensive Neonatal Car

For the last 50 years Ginevri S.r.l. has been designing and fabricating neonatal incubators which are, and always have been, distinguished by their innovative technical solutions and for their cutting edge performance, in addition to their reliability and extreme simplicity of use, cleaning and sterilization. This is the philosophy that has always guided Ginevri and which has led to the development of it’s OGB Polycare line of incubators characterized by:

  • UNBREAKABLE & LIGHTNESS of the hood, base and other principle components all made of POLYCARBONATE.
  • GREATLY REDUCED RISK OF INFECTION with the capacity to totally dismantle the incubator for complete cleaning and sterilization.
  • SPACIOUS HOOD, extremely transparent, with two principle doors which open upwards and downwards (optional) and six access portholes.
  • WIDE PATIENT TRAY, made of Polycarbonate with the possibility to add the mattress and scale (optional), which can be adjusted in the Trendelemburg e Fowler (+/- 12°) positions thanks to its Smooth Tilt system;
  • ELECTRONIC SERVO-CONTROL of the TEMPERATURE, both of the AIR and of the SKIN, and upon request of the RELATIVE HUMIDITY and of the OXYGEN CONCENTRATION, with the goal of creating the ideal environment for the newborn.

In its New PolyTrend line of incubators, Ginevri has re-confirmed the importance of the characteristics of the preceding Polycare series and in addition has put a wide range of additional functions and accessories at the medical and nursing staff’s disposal for even more effective care of the newborn.


Distributed in Indonesia by PT. Demka Sakti.

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