Kubota – Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge 3220

Kubota Centrifuge 3220

Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge

Three Different Rotors
The 3220 gives you exceptional versatility, able to accept three different rotors. The standard hematocrit rotor can spin 30xcapillary at 12,000rpm, the HT/2 rotor can 8x2mL tubes or 24xcapillary at 12,000rpm, and the HT/15 rotor can 4x15mL tubes at 4,000rpm or 24xHematocrits at 12,000rpm.

Brushless Motor
With brushless motor operation, the 3220 is suitable for clean-room environments, without the associated problems of exchanging cumbersome carbon brushes.

New rotor, HT/2 (patent pending)
New rotor HT/2 commonly used for Hematocrit nad for 2mL Micro-tubes, and most suitable for an animal clinic.

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