Kubota – Compact Tabletop Centrifuge 2420

Kubota Centrifuge 2420

Compact Tabletop Centrifuge

Compact but easy-to-use centrifuge.
Despite the compact footprint as only 350 mm width by 420 mm depth, the 2420 is designed to meet easy-to-use concept. Three channel memory settings make routine work easy and simple. Further more, the 2420 is equipped with brush-less motor so that the user is free from taking care of the carbon brush.

Microplate Centrifugation.
Many researchers want to use microplate centrifugation allowing a large number of samples to be centrifuged using less energy and in less time. The 2420 can use the RMP-23 rotor, for centrifugation of 6 x microplate at 1,790xg.

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