ITC Medical – Irma Trupoint


Bedside Testing That’s Accurate, Reliable and Self Contained

IRMA TruPoint® sets the standard for testing blood gases, electrolytes and other chemistries right at your patient’s side – the true point-of-care. Unlike other systems, the IRMA TruPoint is completely self contained, portable and provides results in minutes allowing for earlier interventions so critical treatment decisions can be made without delay.

Easy to Use and Flexible Too!

  • An extensive, flexible test menu enables the portable IRMA TruPoint to be used wherever your patient may be
  • Operation is easy and room temperature stored cartridges are ready to use anytime, anywhere
  • Integrated, automatic electronic quality control enhances safety and improves compliance
  • Complete portability with lightweight, easy grip, and battery operation

Comprehensive Critical Care Menu

The portable IRMA TruPoint brings the laboratory to the bedside with single use cartridges available in a variety of analyte configurations.


  • Single-Use Cartridge for maintenance-free Convenient
  • Single-Use Calibrant in each cartridge
  • Real-time,Automatic electronic quality control for enchanced safety and improved compliance
  • Exceptional service and support/li>
  • Interactive touch screen
  • OnBoard thermal printer documents results and test notes
Distributed in Indonesia by PT. Demka Sakti.

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