Infinium – Omni III Patient Monitor

Infinium Patient Monitor

Advanced Patient Monitor Technology:  The Omni III from Infinium Medical

An advanced, state-of-the-art Patient monitor, the Omni III from Infinium Medical is reliable, accurate, and cost-effective.  Very few Patient monitors on the market today are put through the strict testing that the Omni III is.  All of our products are tested and retested by experienced medical professionals in real-world scenarios.  So, you can be sure that with an Omni III Patient monitor, you will never have to worry about the dependability of your medical monitor again.

Some of the features of the Omni III Patient monitors are:

  • Facility to measure many parameters, including ECG (3 or 5 lead) with ST segment monitoring, respiration, dual temperature monitoring, SpO2, and non-invasive blood pressure
  • Optional features include capnography, dual channel invasive blood pressure anesthetic  agent monitoring (5 agents, N2O, FiO2, EtCO2), and a built-in thermal printer
  • Up to 8 waveforms displayed
  • Multi-lead simultaneous ECG monitoring
  • Auto setting of alarm units
  • Graphical/tabular trending
  • Color coded alarms
  • Patient data entry
  • Battery backup (2 removable batteries)
  • Networking capabilities
  • 15 inch high resolution screen

No other Patient monitor on the market today offers the advanced technology, reliability and cost-effective pricing available with the Omni III by Infinium Medical.  Physicians all over the world depend on medical technologies from Infinium Medical because they know that we place patient care above all else when designing our patient monitors.

Distributed in Indonesia by PT. Demka Sakti.

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