Infinium – OmniView Central Monitor


The OmniView Central Monitor

Allowing you to view up to 32 waveforms for 16 bedside patient monitors, the Omniview Central Monitor is the ultimate solution for health care facilities nationwide. Providing the reliable, accurate performance you need, this system is also exceptionally affordable, allowing clinics and hospitals across the globe to have the reliable patient care monitors regardless of budget.

The OmniView Central Station Monitor includes:


  • Windows operating system
  • Supports single or dual displays
  • Both hard-wired (Ethernet or Serial port) and wireless connectivity available
  • Mass Storage of patient data
  • Different monitoring screen layouts
  • Real time printing, review printing, case text printing
  • Full disclosure review


  • Display of each monitor – 8 beds (16 max on dual monitor)
  • Waveforms and all digital data displayed
  • Waveforms displayed: ECG, SpO2, Respiration, IBP, EtCO2
  • Special bed monitoring window with drug dose calculation
  • Alarms: Audible/Visual with upper and lower limits
  • Arrhythmia Alarm
  • 96-hour real-time recall, Multi-channel full disclosure recall
  • 500 Alarm events (storage and recall)
  • 1000 arrhythmia events (storage and recall)
  • 10,000 patients’ data storage

The OmniView also includes a complete CPU, can be configured with one or two 17” Flat screen monitors, MOXA Card, and interface box, and all necessary cables and connectors.

This advanced monitoring system is compatible with both our Omni II and Omni III bedside patient monitors. You can keep a close eye on your patients’ health without having to be close by, all in one place with the OmniView Central Monitor. Enhance patient care and save money all at once with a central station monitor from Infinium.

Distributed in Indonesia by PT. Demka Sakti.

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