CareFusion – Infanf Flow SiPAP

Infanf Flow SiPAP

lnfant Flow is clinically proven in the successful treatment of thousands of patients world-wide. It’s unique, patented technology, designed specically for infant patients, provides a complete solution for non-invasive ventilatory support.

Infant Flow® SiPAP™ comes standard in all configurations with

  • Simple Touch™ Operation facilitating ease of use
  • Enhanced displays of Pressure/Time Graphics
  • Monitored parameter screen
  • Convenient charting
  • Clear presentation of patient data
  • See effects on patient parameters real-time, with setting changes
  • Improved patient triggering
  • Enhanced indicators for signaling alarm priority
  • Integrated power supply
  • Up to 2 hours of backup battery power. – USA
Distributed in Indonesia by PT. Demka Sakti.

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