GSI 70 Automated OAE Screener

GSI 70 Automated OAE Screener

The best solution for newborn hearing screening

Demka Sakti and Grason-Stadler bring the best in newborn hearing screening to Indonesia. When speed, safety, and accuracy matter most, hospitals choose the GSI 70 Automated OAE newborn hearing screener from Grason-Stadler. The GSI 70 is ideal for the demanding setting of well-baby or NICU nurseries: it’s fast, easy to use, intelligently and ergonomically designed, and backed by Grason-Stadler’s reputation for quality and service. There are two versions of the GSI 70 – the Single-Patient model, which is suited for hospitals with fewer than 500 births per year, and the Multi-Patient model, which easily meets the screening and data-management requirements of nurseries handling larger newborn populations.

You can have results in as few as 10 seconds per ear when babies are properly prepared for this noninvasive otoacoustic emissions (OAE) test. Several features make the GSI 70 one of the fastest automated OAE screeners available. Our superior probe design reduces the noise that can interfere with OAE testing, resulting in a faster, more accurate screening result. The system’s intelligent design produces just enough tones to get an accurate assessment in as little time as possible. And the portable screener makes it easier and faster to bring the test to the baby. The GSI 70 offers all that you’d expect from Grason-Stadler, the leader in hearing testing since 1949.

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