Ginevri – Antares Warming Lamp

Ginevri Antares Warming Lamp

The Antares Warming Lamp is an overhead fixture designed for the treatment of newborns suffering from hyperthermia in beds, neonatal treatment tables or even changing units. The apparatus is equipped with a radiant heater and a halogen lamp illumination system both managed by an electronic micro-processor control unit. The heating system consists of a 350W radiant quartz tube giving off infrared emissions and can be used in either Manual or Automatic modes. 

The Manual Mode requires the operator to set the heating quantity. Safety features in this mode are insured by the sounding of an acoustic alarm. The Automatic Mode requires the desired skin temperature of the patient to be selected and set by the operator in a range between 23.0°C to 38.0°C, then a sophisticated micro-processor controlled servo-control unit automatically regulates the radiant heat level by using the information which arrives from the skin sensor probe which is in contact with the baby.

Complimenting those functions already present, the Manual and Automatic, there is also a Pre-heating function which provides for the supply of heating to be equal to 30% of the maximum heating output without any safety alarm coming on for use during the transitional treatment phase of the patient until the system has come up to normal operating condition.

The illumination system is equipped with four halogen lamps each with a power of 20 W which give a supply of white light capable of providing optimum visibility of the patient. The apparatus is equipped with a height adjustable chrome plated stainless steel stand which has an internal device that facilitates and balances the movements. The base is in painted stainless steel mounted on 5 cm diameter wheels. The apparatus footprint is 0.4 m2 and its weighsapproximately 19 kg.

Distributed in Indonesia by PT. Demka Sakti.

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