eZono™ 3000 – Ultrasound for Everyone

eZono 3000 - empowering Sonography

eZono 3000 – Ultrasound for Everyone

Our eZonoTM 3000 is a revolutionary portable ultrasound system designed for the everyone’s needs. It accelerates the learning curve with our patented Cue Cards, a multi-media learning and workflow tool accelerating the learning curve in those applications – combined with excellent image quality. Furthermore, the touchscreen of the system and the icon-based user interface significantly reduce complexity. Given its light-weight form-factor, fast boot time of under 20 sec and 2h battery life, the eZonoTM 3000 is ideally suited for every day clinical use.

JUST RELEASED: We introduced a new Image Style concept: a unique way to choose among four different image styles. From raw & sharp for details to soft & smooth for reduced complexity, the system offers it all. Included is Directional Contrast, a unique way to visualize nerves in 3D.

eZono - Ultrasound for Anasthesia

eZono - Ultrasound for Anasthesia

eZono™3000 Facts and Figures

Have a look at the facts and figures or even try a system in real time situations and be surprised how easy it is to use!

  • Weight: 4,4kg
  • Dimensions: 32,4cm x 28,2cm x 9,3cm
  • 4GB internal memory
  • 26,4cm diagonal LCD touch screen (24bit, 60 million colors)
  • Digital broadband architecture
  • 2x USB 2.0 ports, 1 Express Card port, built-in microphone.

eZono™3000 Upgradable Software

The eZono™3000 offers the unique feature of upgrading your eZono system regularly with the latest available features. For instance recently we launched the Open CueCards and our customers were able to transform their eZono 3000 systems by downloading the update on The system therefore offers you a leading price performance ratio because it stays always up to date. Where else are you able to find something like that:

  • Proprietary Linux operating system
  • Less than 20 seconds start time
  • Icon-based graphical user interface via touch screen
  • Upgrade via USB for continuous improvement throughout its life time
  • Store up to 30,000 images or 30 minutes of continuous video

eZono™3000 Open CueCards

If you are looking for a system that grows together with your needs, then simply create your own CueCards, upload them onto your system and use them in daily routines. Or benefit from our community of leading experts, providing an ever increasing stream of new CueCards for eZono 3000.
We offer the unique possibility to use our tool which allows for CueCard creation and in time implementation according to your needs. If you are interested in learning more about our concept, just register at and see what is possible.

MiniSim™ – Empowering nerve blocking training

In the field of Regional Anaesthesia, one of the major challenges in ultrasound guided nerve block training is needling. To target this issue, eZono offers a range of MiniSim models that simulate the relevant anatomy landmarks for realistic practice. In addition, eZono’s MiniSim Cue Cards include model specific reference ultrasound images and videos for each phantom, in order to guide the user correctly through each approach.



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