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BIS™ Monitor increases patient safety by eliminating the risks of anesthesia awareness

Anesthesia awareness occurs during general anesthesia when the patient has not been given enough of the general anesthetic or analgesic to render the patient unconscious during general anesthesia. Insufficient anesthetic combined with a paralytic agent can result in paralyzed patients that are conscious during an operation. According to research, every year two people in every 1,000 may experience anesthesia awareness, which result in extreme trauma.

Demka Sakti and Covidient proudly present to Indonesia the original and best in awareness monitoring that uses Bispectral Index™ technology. BIS™ Monitor works by using a sensor that is placed on the patient’s forehead to measure electrical activity in the brain and translate it into a number between 100 (wide awake) and zero (absence of brain electrical activity). Documented benefits of BIS™ monitor usage include:


Not just for the patient, but also for doctors and medical facilities. Using the BIS™ Monitor will:

  • Eliminate guesswork by doctors in administering anesthetic gasses.
  • Ensure patients do not experience under- or overdosage of anesthetic gasses. Research has shown that usage of BIS™ Monitor will reduce incidence of awareness with recall by about 80%.
  • Prevent malpractice lawsuits.
BIS Safety Benefits


  • By viewing a patient’s exact Bispectral Index value doctors know exactly how much anasthetic gas needs to be administered. Studies have shown that usage of the BIS™ Monitor can reduce anesthetic drug utilization by about 23%.
  • Almost twice the number of patients that are already oriented by the time they arrive at PACU.
  • Patients are discharged up to 32% quicker from PACU.
BIS Cost Benefits

BIS Cost Benefits

To learn more about BIS monitoring and its benefits, go to

The real dangers of anesthesia awareness

In 2007 renowned CNN reporter Andersoon Cooper did a research on anesthesia awereness, and found that its dangers are very real, and extremely traumatic. In the following video, watch real-life patients who experienced anesthesia awareness recount their horrific experiences.

Read more about real-life anesthesia-awareness in this article.


Distributed in Indonesia by PT. Demka Sakti.

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