Ginevri – Bili Light Phototherapy Lamp


The challenge of an advanced technology. The BILI LIGHT phototherapy lamp, by means of a new fiber optic technology, performs a greater uniformity of radiation, concentrating the entire emission onto the patient.

Thanks to the reduced size, with respect to conventional phototherapy lamps, the Bili Light allows to perform the treatment with phototherapy directly in the patient’s cot, can be easily moved from one ward to another and can be used for home-care.

The BILI LIGHT can also be used alongside a conventional radiant phototherapy system, thus increasing therapeutic efficiency and reducing exposure time.

The optic assembly is provided with a halogen lamp and a special group of filters that generate a radiation with a wave-length between 425 and 475 nanometers for optimal therapeutic efficiency.

The light beam is conveyed to the patient through a fiber optic cable and a pad which can be placed under the patient.

The pad is sealed, waterproof and hygienic. It is inserted into a disposable protective cover which provides a soft comfortable and hygienic mattress for the patient.

The BILI LIGHT lamp is also available with a trolley provided with pivoting castors and a basket for storing disposable articles, the optic fiber pad, etc.

Distributed in Indonesia by PT. Demka Sakti.

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