ITC Medical – Avoximeter 1000E

AVOXimeter 40002

The portable AVOXimeter® 1000E utilize patented state-of-the art optics to yield direct spectophotometric measurements in unaltered whole blood in less than 10 seconds. AVOXimeters provide a more comprehensive and complete evaluation to enable critical decisions and treatment in seconds.

Fast, accurate, inexpensive measurements

  • Oxygen saturation
  • Oxygen content
  • Total hemoglobin

Utilizes single-use cuvettes for maintenance-free convenience and optimal instrument performance.

AVOXimeter Cuvettes:

  • Cost effective and convenient to use
  • Room temperature storage with no expiration date
  • Easy to use, no sample preparation
  • Supports blood conservation, requires only 50 uL
Distributed in Indonesia by PT. Demka Sakti.

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