Ginevri – Alhena Infant Warmer

Ginevri Alhena Infant Warmer

The Alhena Series of Infant Warmers are considered the best for personnel “adept at work” because they permit a more direct control of the temperature, observation and also free access to the baby and to carry out in the most efficient way possible reanimation, oxygen therapy, and the execution of medical procedures which call for more than one person to be working at the same time.

The Alhena Plus created by Ginevri supplies other services which makes it a true and complete newborn therapy centre. Amongst the most important design characteristics and functions of the Alhena plus there are characteristics unique with respect to other models available on the market, the presence of a Phototherapy system created with the technical innovation of 6 Blue Power LED’s (with wavelength centred around 455nm) which make an efficient treatment of jaundiced newborns possible, being 5 or 6 times more powerful than those devices equipped with traditional fluorescent lamps. The illumination is also provided using 4 white Daylight LED’s which make it possible to observe the baby without any altering the baby’s natural colour.

An advanced electronic control panel permits simultaneous access to all the functions using simply to understand procedures thus insuring the maximum ease of use.

The Alhena series can control the heating level by the following functions:

  • Automatic Mode
  • Manual Mode
  • Pre-Heating Mode

A complete set of alarms give the maximum safety of operation: the devices are supplied with both visual and acoustic alarms for HI and LOW Skin Temperature, Malfunction and/or Disconnection of the skin sensor probe and Power Loss. The Apgar module permits monitoring of the Apgar index by means of a digital timer and an acoustic signal at intervals of 1, 3, and 5 minutes from activation.
The manouverability of the patient bed, adjustable in a 360° arc using a round tilting system and equipped with sidewalls individually capable of being folded down and also removable confirm the distinctive characteristics of the Ginevri neonatal therapy centres.

Distributed in Indonesia by PT. Demka Sakti.

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