A.R.C Laser – Fox


Portable, Accurate, Reliable, Affordable

Perfect instrument for ENT, Dermatology, Endovascular, Lipolysis, and light Surgical operations

Training videos directly on the display

Training videos can be saved on the USB stick, which is part of the standard delivery of FOX. The videos come up on the display as soon as you choose it in the menu.
FOX is innovative

Green aiming beam

The green aiming beam of FOX laser improves the alignment and the exact sighting during the treatment.
FOX gives you a better view

Touch screen

The modern color touch screen with a very simple guide: you can set and change the adjustments intuitionally.

Mobile like your assistant

The convenient battery operation allows implementing treatments everywhere and every time. You can transport the FOX in the helpful case to every place you need.
FOX means flexibility

Technical data:

Laser diode
Wavelength – Output power* 810 nm: 8 watt
940 nm: 4 watt
980 nm: 12 watt
1064 nm: 10 watt
Puls length, adjustable 0,1 ms to cw
Puls interval 0,1 ms to cw
Aiming beam green 532 nm, < 1 mW
Dimensions 142 x 163 x 174 cm
Weight 1,2 kg operational
Power supply 220 V or battery driven

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