Operating Room


A.R.C Laser – Fox

Portable, Accurate, Reliable, Affordable Perfect instrument for ENT, Dermatology, Endovascular, Lipolysis, and light Surgical operations

AccuVein AV300

AccuVein – AV300

Introducing the AccuVein AV300 The first portable, non-contact vein illumination device. It weighs only 10 ounces, fits in

Argus Infusion pump

Argus – Infusion Pump

Swiss Made high-tech Quality Volumetric Pump Intuitive, Very Easy Operation Modern Design,Light-Weight and Compact None

Argus Syringe Pumps

Argus – Syringe Pump

Features Swiss Made High-tech Quality Volumetric pump Intuitive,Very Easy Operation Modern Design,Light-Weight and Compact None

Bovie Aaron1250

Bovie – Aaron 1250 High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator

The Aaron 1250™, by Bovie®, features Cut, Blend, Coagulation, Fulguration, and Bipolar modes. Bovie incorporates

Bovie Aaron 3250

Bovie – Aaron 3250 Digital Electrosurgical Generator

The Aaron 3250 is a 300 watt multipurpose electrosurgical generator for use in the modern

Bovie Aaron 950

Bovie – Aaron 950 High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator / Dessicator

Aaron 950 Electrosurgical Generator The Aaron® 950 by Bovie® offers you the best of both worlds.

Bovie IDS 300

Bovie – IDS 300 Electrosurgical Generator

The Bovie® IDS Series are innovative electrosurgical generators with fully digital implementation for use in today’s modern

Brumaba Varius

Brumaba – Varius Surgical Table

The allrounder among surgery tables This universal allrounder among surgery tables stands out through the

Burton AIM LED

Burton AIM LED Lights

The right light for examinations and procedures. Introducing Philips Burton’s NEW AIMLED, the most exciting