Laboratory Instrument

Hospitex Screen Point

Hospitex – Screen Point

Screen Point - A multichannel clinical chemistry analyzer for 3 different measurements at the same time

Hospitex Ves Static u16

Hospitex – VES STATIC μ16

VES STATIC μ16 - Automatic reader of Erythro-Sedimentation-Rate Automatic reader of ESR (Erythro-Sedimentation-Rate). 16 independent wells.

ITC Hemochron Response

ITC Medical – Hemochron Response

Whole Blood Coagulation System The Hemochron Response Whole Blood Coagulation System is a dual-well microprocessor

ITC Hemochron

ITC Medical – Hemochron Signature Elite

Features The HEMOCHRON Signature Elite® is a simple, easy-to-use, portable microcoagulation system that enhances compliance

ITC Hemochron Signature Plus

ITC Medical – Hemochron Signature Plus

Whole Blood Microcoalugation System   The Hemochron Signature Plus is a simple, easy-to-use, portable microcoagulation

ITC HgbPro

ITC Medical – HgbPro®

The HgbPro® Professional Hemoglobin Testing System is portable and easy to use. Simply insert a


ITC Medical – Irma Trupoint

Bedside Testing That’s Accurate, Reliable and Self Contained IRMA TruPoint® sets the standard for testing

Kubota Centrifuge 2420

Kubota – Compact Tabletop Centrifuge 2420

Compact Tabletop Centrifuge Compact but easy-to-use centrifuge. Despite the compact footprint as only 350 mm

Kubota Centrifuge 3220

Kubota – Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge 3220

Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge Three Different Rotors The 3220 gives you exceptional versatility, able to accept


Linear – Kroma & Temis Chemistry Analyzer

Fully-Automatic and Semi-Automatic Chemistry Analyzer   Kroma: Fully-Automatic Chemistry Analyzer Bench-top fully-automated Random Access Analyzer