Schuelke Desmanol

Schuelke – Desmanol

Desmanol®  is a rapid acting alcohol based handrub for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. Its

Schuelke Esemtan

Schuelke – Esemtan

A gentle hand wash designed for use prior to hygienic and surgical hand disinfections At

Schuelke Gigasept Instru AF

Schuelke – Gigasept Instru AF®

A high performance aldehyde free disinfection solution, for dental and surgical instruments. At a glance

Schuelke Gigasept AF

Schuelke – Gigasept® AF

Gigasept® is a broad-spectrum sterilising/disinfectant solution for the cold sterilisation or disinfection of instruments, which

Schuelke Gigazyme

Schuelke – Gigazyme®

Gigazyme® is a highly effective cleaning agent based on a combination of enzymes and non


Schuelke – Mikrozid AF

During clinical procedures surfaces around the operating area become contaminated with bodily fluids. Those surfaces


Schuelke – Octenisan

Wash lotion based on selected moisturising agents, mild surfactants and Octenidine   Our plus: mild


Schuelke – Octenisept

Aqueous wound and mucous membrane antiseptic Our plus: Broad spectrum of antiseptic efficacy Fast onset

Schuelke Primasept

Schuelke – Primasept

A rapid-acting bactericidal liquid skin cleaner used for hygienic hand disinfection at the start of

Schuelke Terralin

Schuelke – Terralin

All purposes powerful cleaning and disinfectant, active against a broad spectrum of Bacteria, Fungi and