Ginevri Alhena Infant Warmer

Ginevri – Alhena Infant Warmer

The Alhena Series of Infant Warmers are considered the best for personnel “adept at work” because they

Ginevri Antares Warming Lamp

Ginevri – Antares Warming Lamp

The Antares Warming Lamp is an overhead fixture designed for the treatment of newborns suffering from

Ginevri Baby Shuttle

Ginevri – Baby Shuttle – Transport Incubator

The BABY SHUTTLE is microprocessor driven, it controls all the parameters necessary to obtain the


Ginevri – Bili Light Phototherapy Lamp

The challenge of an advanced technology. The BILI LIGHT phototherapy lamp, by means of a

Ginevri Naos Plus Phototherapy Lamps

Ginevri – Naos Plus Phototherapy Lamps

The new Naos Lamps are the fruit and results of recent studies carried out on the

Ginevri Polytrend Neonatal Incubator

Ginevri – Polytrend Neonatal Incubator

The best technology for Sub-Intensive and Intensive Neonatal Car For the last 50 years Ginevri