Burton AIM LED

Burton AIM LED Lights

The right light for examinations and procedures. Introducing Philips Burton’s NEW AIMLED, the most exciting

Burton AIM 50 & AIM 100 Surgical Lights

Burton AIM-50® & AIM-100® Lights

The perfect combination of high intensity, performance, limitless rotation and unparalleled aesthetics. Providing both amazing value

Burton Apex Surgical Lights

Burton Apex Surgical Lighting

When your healthcare facility requires surgical lighting, Philips Burton’s new Apex is your best choice for brilliance and

Burton Super Bright Spot

Burton Super Bright Spot

Super Bright Spot® Task and Examination Light Pre-focused spot available for OB/GYNs, urologists, family practitioners, hospital

Burton Visionary Surgical Light

Burton Visionary Surgical Lighting

Burton’s Visionary® enables all ORs – even those with limited budgets – to upgrade to an

Burton XenaLux Headlamp

Burton XenaLux Headlamp

Advanced design ensures top performance and a noticeably brighter light beam Powered by a 300-watt Xenon